Forgiveness Stone

The Forgiveness Stone is a wonderful way to improve your relationships and help you move past bad feelings toward someone.  As long as you are harboring any negativity or anger toward a person, you are operating from a low energy frequency which only brings more of the same into your life.  Using the Forgiveness Stone helps you bring back positive, high energy frequencies into your life and keeps you moving on with your life.

Can you calculate how much time and energy you've spent ranting about people or being angry at someone - maybe even to find out later that it wasn't worth it, that it actually cost you more? 

Simply place the forgiveness stone in your pocket each day and concentrate on the person you are trying to forgive or the person that just wronged you at work  Think of a positive reason they may have acted that way and forgive.  Feel the love and forgiveness towards this person - Release!  This is an important step!
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